Ballistic Protective Equipment Kits

We provide the BEST AFG Compliant BPE Kits to Fire departments.

Federal guidelines say that each Kit must contain:

“One vest, one helmet, one triage bag, one pair of goggles”

There is a LOT of room for interpretation here… which is why we step up and make a difference;

Our BPE kits are different from the competition because:

  1. Our BPE vest is Level IIIa. Not II, or IIa.
  2. Our BPE vest has ballistic side protection.
  3. Our BPE vest has a drag handle for extrication if necessar
  4. Our BPE vest has pockets front and back for additional plates if desired. We will work with you to get you the level of protection you want.
  5. Our helmet is a Level IIIa with interior padding and straps. Mounts are available if you need them. We offer them in short, mid and full cuts.
  6. Our goggles are NFPA Certified.
  7. Our bag is actually designed to hold all of your equipment and is clearly
Todd Newberry

Todd Newberry

President, Ohio Armor & Tactical

The Equipment You Really Need

I am an Army Veteran and a retired Police Lieutenant. I have 30 plus years experience in body armor. It would make me crazy when we would receive items paid for with grant money and it was obviously the cheapest, crummiest stuff they could get away with. We don’t do that. We won’t do that. I have been one of the first LEO’s into an active shooter event. I want you to be able to respond to a warm zone and survive if it goes downhill. We don’t have a big fancy building and we don’t have much overhead. These savings get passed along in the form of better equipment, and more of it.

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